Giving Back

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This time of year is when most charitable organizations create a strong push for donations and other acts of giving. As we near the impending holidays, most of us shift into a giving mood. And giving to others truly excites me more than receiving. I must be growing up!

I want to start off by saying that I am not writing this post as a means to pat myself of the back. Not in any shape, way or form! I’m here to talk about the charities I choose to give to because I’m passionate about paying it forward and I want to spark the urge in others to give back too. To whatever cause that speaks to them.

Here are the three causes I choose to donate to:

This one is new for me, but it is going on my long-term list. Knowing that people are homeless and going without food is deeply disturbing to me. And the fact that many of these people are struggling with addictions saddens me. I am also moved that they choose to let Christ be their biggest influencer. He can make all things possible. If I can help provide even just a handful of meals, I know those on the receiving end are in better shape. Plus, their team kicks ass on social media and has tweeted in thanks several times. I love that!

Breast cancer is near to my heart, as I lost my mom to this disease when I was a teen. Research is the only reason we’ve come as far as we have against the disease and I strongly support all efforts around fighting for a cure. Save the boobies!

It truly breaks my heart that little kids have to endure so much needless suffering and pain. Hospital bills are also astronomical, and a lot of these families wouldn’t be able to afford treatment without the support from St. Jude. What an incredible gift.

I’m not in a financial position to donate a lot of money but I know that a little can go a long ways – and it really does add up.

Do you choose to support worthy causes? Which ones speak to your heart?

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