little people, big world

by - 3:53 PM

This weekend was an absolute blast. Saturday involved a lot of lounging and watching the duck game. Sunday I found myself at Roloff Farms.

If you recognize that name, it's because it’s the family featured on TLC's Little People Big World. Their farm is in Helvetia, OR which is mere miles from where I live.

Having watched most of the episodes over the years, it was completely surreal to be standing on the same property that has been home base of one of my favorite shows. The best part? Most of the family was there working! Molly took our tour tickets, Zach drove one of our tour wagons and Matt's parents were hunkered down in the family's infamous western town. Amy was busy taking photos with fans, Matt hobbled by every once in a while and the family dog kept busy running amongst the crowds.

It was surreal. If you've seen the show, you must make a visit. It will entertain you for hours and I promise it won't disappoint!

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