the big debate: hodge-podge vs. formal

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Admittedly, I’m a big fan of the hodge-podge Christmas tree - where you string up some lights and then add all the crazy and beautiful ornaments you’ve collected and cherished over the years. But I also love the idea of having a more elegant tree, with white lights and coordinating ornaments and ribbon. My family and I have done this a handful of times and we always loved how it turned out.

To remedy this issue, there’s apparently a trend of families having two Christmas trees. One for the adults and one for the kids. It was being discussed on the radio this morning as I was driving to work. Is this a new thing, or am I completely out of the loop? Seems like a lot of work.

Here are some  trees that I found browsing the Internet. I’m loving them!

Lovely tree, all in white. Goes nicely with the elegant all-in-white interior design this person already has.

beautiful christmas tree decorations 10 Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

I love the idea of whimsical trees too, such as with this candy cane themed tree.

The balls and stars are very cool. Again, all in a white tone. I wouldn't of thought I'd be drawn to this color tone! I usually love color.

This beauty is in the lobby of the building I work in. Again, very formal and simple - but really makes a statement.

Oh - I also found this fun "How Should You Decorate for Christmas?" quiz on Better Homes and Gardens. Just tossing it out there.

What do you do for your tree? Fake or real? Uniform or hodge-podge? Curious minds want to know!

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