weekend recap

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You know those weekends, where it actually feels like a weekend? Where you have a lot of fun packed in, but also enough time to lounge, relax and get stuff done around the house? This weekend was a perfect mix of all that, and for that I am thankful.

Friday night I attended the Blazer Fan Fest. I haven’t been to a Blazer game in years and it was great to be back. Even though I was pissed about the lockout and how greedy the players have become, I still went. That said, if I held a grudge against everything that pissed me off, I would be miserable.

As an aside, my family used to have season tickets to the Blazers until they became the “Jail blazers” which my dad refused to support. Good call.

When we arrived, most of the players were milling around the main concession area to shake hands and take photos. That was a nice touch. Greg Oden was also walking around, though not as many people were clamoring for his attention as you’d expect. I wonder why not? *cough*

The event was free and you could sit anywhere you wanted – score! – but food prices were steep. I was smart and ordered a kid’s meal, which included a normal sized hot dog, a bag of chips and a small drink. For $4.50! It’s perfect to tide one over. Probably too small a portion for guys though.

After interviews with the players, they played a scrimmage game. Good news: we won. Hardee har.

Fast forwarding to Sunday….we trekked up to Washington to see my cousins’ Christmas pageant at church. It was very sweet. And funny. Of course, it’s not supposed to be funny, but you can’t help but chuckle at your little cousins, dressed in makeshift shepherd costumes.

How was your weekend? 6 days until Christmas!

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