tis' the season

by - 12:42 PM

I cannot believe it has been close to two weeks since I last posted. The holiday season is always a bit chaotic and, for some reason, work is buzzing as well. Not that that should be an excuse for my lack in posting. But  I am using it as one anyways. Sue me. Tis’ the season, to be jolly….

In usual fashion, I pulled the Christmas décor out of the closet the day after Thanksgiving, because seeing holiday goodness strewn about my apartment brings me a lot of joy and peace. And do I need peace now more than ever. And though I didn’t go to the hassle of bringing home a real tree, I did purchase a 4 foot fake tree from Michael's Stores which was already adorned with colored lights. I added the ornaments that I’ve collected over the years and ta-da!

Done and done. Nice and easy. The nice thing about being single is that I can decorate with what I want, how I want. Psst...Notice the presents under the tree? That's right - I'm well  underway on shopping!

And because I have a fireplace now (!!) my mantle is dressed up with a retro looking garland, with Christmas oddities perched atop.

AND I hung a Christmas wreath on my front door. All we need now is a day or two of snow. And,  if you know me, I NEVER wish for snow. I’m just strangely in the mood for it this year.

Do you go all out with the Christmas décor? Or do you keep it simple and stress-free?

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