a weekend recap

by - 3:12 PM

I took Friday off to do a spa day with my stepmom and it was HEAVEN. I got to use the sauna, and then we had facials and mani/pedis. I’ve never had a facial before, and now I can’t wait to do another. Seriously people – this is luxury. If you ever want a great place to have a spa day (or just one treatment) Exodus is the place to be. Super affordable and the staff is beyond awesome.

Saturday I got to spend time with old friends that now live up in Bellingham, Washington. They just had a baby and I got to meet the little guy for the first time. So in love! I was a nervous wreck holding him though. I haven’t spent much time with babies and they are so wiggly that I thought I'd drop him. I may have caught the baby fever bug though. Don’t worry – it’s not happening anytime soon! But I really look forward to having one...someday.

Sunday I did a major shopping marathon and even braved Washington Square mall. It was chaos. I could barely even step into the Made in Oregon store and quickly decided it just wasn’t going to happen.  I had to resort to Plan B for one of my gifts. Except I didn’t have a Plan B, so a gift card was the result of that experience. Oh well.

I also tried making a roast for the first time. I had no idea what I was doing but it turned out OK. Nothing like my mother’s, but that seems to be how it always is. I have another roast stashed in the freezer so I’ll have to give it another go.

And, wouldn’t you know, but I don’t have a single pic from this weekend’s activities. That's a lie - I have one from the spa but I'm now realizing how ew I look.

Happy Monday!

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