weekend recap

by - 10:44 AM

I continued the birthday festivities this weekend with dinner and a movie. I never go to the movies, mainly because it costs your first born son to go, so it was a treat. I saw “The Kings Speech” and it was brilliant. Colin Firth put on an Oscar-worthy performance, and the costumes and scenery were beautiful. If you haven’t seen it, go now!

Dinner was at Hunans, a Chinese restaurant downtown. You wouldn’t notice the place if you didn’t already know it was there. Those are the best places.

Other than that, I spent Sunday running errands and making an idiot out of myself. At the gas station, I forgot that D is for Drive. Not R or P or N. At grocery store, I kept accidentally canceling the transaction. Over. And over. At Target, I picked up a stack of 2 baskets instead of one and it took me awhile to notice. No wonder it was heavier than normal. So I decided it was best to go home and sit. The rest of my day was spent watching The Office. Good choice.

How was your weekend?

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