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I have a confession to make. For those of you who don’t really know me, it’s time to tell you that I’m a redneck at heart*.

Redneck Woman

Just kidding. Did you make a weird face? Did I have you going for a second? I’m not really, but I was called one this weekend which was a first for me. And hopefully last.

I hit up the Oregon Sportsmen's Show this weekend at the Portland Expo center. The convention was for fishing and hunting enthusiasts. I am learning to fly fish, but I mostly went to keep my dad company. First off, I think this was THE Portland hot spot. They had to have overflow parking at Portland Meadows, with school buses to shuttle all us rednecks back and forth. I was the only one not wearing plaid or camouflage or holding a beer.

There were thousands of vendors and it was a tad overwhelming. I wasn’t prepared for the trauma I would feel after seeing some of the African safari hunting booths. Did you know people pay $12,000 to go to Africa and kill an animal of their choice, be it a cheetah, giraffe, etc.? AND IT’S LEGAL. WHAT?! I was horrified. HOW? WHY? ACK! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

I was a good girl and didn’t start a protest by throwing fake blood on anyone. I somehow think I'd lose that battle.

How was your weekend?

*This post is in no way meant to offend anyone who considers themselves a redneck. It's merely an observation of how I am not. This is also not to stereotype all fishing/hunting lovers as rednecks.

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