april showers

by - 11:37 PM

Raise your hand if you're tired of the rain here in Portland. Everyone? I've got bad news. It's here for a little while longer. Whoever came up with the saying "April showers brings May flowers" never lived in the NW. More like "April showers brings May showers." Like it? I think it'll catch on.

As I was driving home the other day, I noticed a group of men in suits walking down the sidewalk with bright yellow umbrellas. I was amused, to say the least. Not only because it was an older group of men all walking with the same umbrella, but because they were yellow.

But this got me thinking. Why not have brightly colored umbrellas? It sure makes these rainy days a lot less gloomy! By the way, I fully recognize that all true Oregonians probably don't carry umbrellas. This post is for you transplants. And yes, I noticed the green umbrella is facing the wrong way. I had a minor panic and then thew my hands in the air.

I'll follow up this post with rain boots and jackets.


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