weekend recap

by - 5:29 PM

Well, hello! I'm back to doing the weekend recap, mainly because no one joined in on my "Happy Monday!" fun. Fine.

My weekend mostly consisted of lounging around, eating, and catching up with one of my closest friends. Friday night we hit Outback for a little calorie fest. I haven't been there in years and I can't wait to go back.

First off, we were blown away by the service. Since when does a chain hire such great staff? We were offered drinks and food samples as soon as we walked into the door. Our appetizer came before the meal. And our waiter even asked if I needed more toppings for my baked potatoe when he noticed my sour cream had disappeared. I'll even pardon the dear waiter who stated "We have light options, all under 500 calories, if you ladies prefer."

No, I would NOT prefer, thank you very much.

What planet was I on? I'm not sure but they can abduct me anyday.

Hello, lovers.

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