fill in the blank friday

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Yay, it's Friday! Here's my usual fill in the blank friday, courtesy of Lauren. Won't you join in too?

My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is my job. I worked extremely hard in college and it's paid off in  bigger ways that I could've imagined. I'm blessed to work for an agency I respect and with clients that challenge me every day.

My favorite place to sit in my house is  my futon. Actually, I really wish it was a couch. If you haven't heard my couch fiasco, ask me about it. I love to tell that story. Actually, I'll save you the time. I bought a new couch without measuring it and it wouldn't fit through any of my doorways. It has been in my parent's garage for 2 years. I look at it often with both admiration and pure hatred. I can't wait to move and this time I WILL measure.

My fashion philosophy is to only wear what makes me feel good. If a current trend isn't for me, that's OK! I have never purchased a pair of skinny jeans because I hate the trend. I'm so happy wide-leg jeans are making a come back. Also, I believe you can transform an outfit from casual to dressy with just a pair of heels. Lastly, you don't have to spend a lot to look good.

Something every girl should have is  a  brightly colored handbag. It can transform any outfit.

If you looked in my purse right now you'd find....a wallet, toiletrie bag, crumpled receipts, Altoids, hair pins and a pen. I've been using a small purse the past month or so and it's been a big change. But I think I like it...

My favorite music right now is  everything on the Christina Perri Pandora radio. I recently discovered her and haven't turned back yet.
My favorite part of my body is  my legs. They are long and toned.

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