portraits by Rachel hadiashar

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A few weeks ago I was approached by Rachel Hadiashar to partake in a portrait session for a current project capturing local writers and professionals. I was humbled to be asked and jumped at the chance.

A Portland transplant from the east coast, Rachel's work has appeared in The New York Times, Daily Candy and The Boston Globe. We met at my favorite coffee house - Anna Bannanas - and it was the perfect setting as it definitely screams "Portland". Hugh, one of the baristas, let us take over the joint. I think we frightened some of the patrons as they didn't expect to walk into a photo shoot. We had a ton of fun and it was a great experience to be in front of the camera.

Rachel was lovely and professional and I urge others to hire her. Everyone should be armed with head shots they can use for work and/or to place onto their blog. You can see some of my pictures below.

But that's not where her talent stops. Her real passion is for Boudoir photography which she'll be concentrating efforts on in 2011. Don't know what this is? Don't worry, I didn't either.

Boudoir photography is considered the art of visually capturing beautiful, sensuous and sexy photos of regular women. The purpose of boudoir photography is to make women look and feel great, no matter size, height or age (as long as they aren't minors). Women generally do this as a wedding or anniversary gift for their husbands. Interested? Contact Rachel to get started!

Disclosure: I am a supporter of word of mouth marketing and am always forthright with my opinions. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine.

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