Sweet Tooth Gone Wild

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I promise this isn’t a post about some weird adult film. Just about my out of control addiction to sugar, which might be equally as scary. On a recent visit to the dentist for a routine cleaning I was told I had three tiny cavities. I wasn’t too alarmed by this, as lately I’ve been chowing down on candy and sugary goods like you wouldn’t believe. My obsession started with the discovery of Keebler’s Coconut Dreams. They taste like Girl Scout’s Samoas but without the cost and wait. Check out a review of these over at Baking Bites. Like any normal girl, I crave chocolate and gummy treats – dots are my favorites – but I’m realizing now that I need to cut back. I’ve already successfully cut back on soda to about 1x per week so here’s my plan:

·    Don’t quit cold turkey – this sets you up for a binge. Proceed slowly.

·    Eat 2 cookies after dinner instead of 4.

·    Hit either the cookie aisle or the candy aisle on my weekly grocery trip. Not both.

·    Don’t keep ice cream in the house. If I really need it, I can travel for it. (Like my use of the word ‘need’?)

·    Try eating a square of dark chocolate when I crave sugar. Anything with a percentage of 72% cacao is high in antioxidants.

·    Don’t walk upstairs to the communal candy bowl at work. Just don’t think about it. It doesn’t exist.

We need sugar in our daily diet but it should come in natural form, such as from fruit. Refined sugar, the kind you find in packaged cookies and soda is basically poison. I’m just delving into the subject but you can read more about over at Global Healing Center.

Do you eat too much bad sugar? What will you cut back on?


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