Austin, Texas

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Y'all, Austin is hot. I was warned but didn't believe it would be as intense as it was. Afterall, I take frequent trips to Phoenix where the temps get much higher. I forgot that humidity is kind of a big factor.

But man, is Austin a fun city.

It was a whirl-wind of a trip, packed with great friends, food and lots of adventure. I flew down with my friend Megan, who currently lives in Boston, and stayed with a couple friends of ours. They had a lovely house and, second most importantly, it had AC.

Here's what we did in 2.5 days:

Had lots of girl talk

Ate at a sketchy neighborhood joint (there are lots of these in Austin) and it was delicious. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Visited the state captial. It was gorgeous. And look - first appearance of the red romper! I was almost too scared to wear it.

And enjoyed some shenanigans inside.

Visited Sixth Street, which has an abundance of bars and music venues. They block off the whole street for pedestrians and you can hop from place to place. It was so much fun.

Only downside to partying in Austin is that you get really sweaty and gross just standing in one spot. Oh well.

We snagged free drinks at the first joint. Always a great way to start the night!

We also visited the University of Texas Austin, where one of our friends is studying. ESPN Game Day happened to be filming and we HAD to make our "O" sign. We thought about making "Go Ducks" signs but chickened out.

We tried on boots galore. By the way, who knew cowboy boots were so expensive? These digs cost $400+!

Thankfully...they don't look that hot on me.

"Jessica, I've never seen you eat this much in your life."

Did I mention the food? Please eat at The Salt Lick if you ever visit. It's worth it. The calories I mean. The cost was super reasonable.

Mexican food is also a good choice.

Just don't ever order a "Prickly Pear Margarita" thinking it will taste like a pear. Turns out a Prickly Pear is part of a cactus. Smack. Head. Now. Luckily, the waiter was a peach and let me choose a different drink.

That's it, folks.

Have you been to Austin? What did I miss out on? I'm ready to go back!

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