fill in the blank friday

by - 10:12 AM

Yay for Friday!

This weekend I am heading to Street of Dreams and Cooper Mountain Vineyards. We are doing the winery before touring the homes - should  be more fun that way.

Sunday, I am heading to a baby shower to see a friend from high school I haven't seen in six years. Buying baby stuff was too much fun. Dangerously cute.

What are you up to?

My go to outfit for a dress-up occasion like a wedding is  a knee length dress. I usually buy a new one for each occassion - and it depends on the venue. I usually do a semi-formal dress in a fun color.
This week has been  random. Work has been slow, but I've kept busy with evening activities. I love summer!
When it's dinnertime and I'm feeling lazy I'll usually eat  a couple eggo waffles. I seriously could eat those every night. Yum.
My favorite pair of shoes is  my black ballet flats. They go with everything!
A random item that I own that is completely unnecessary, but that I could never part with is  my baby blanket. I obviously have it tucked away, and it's definitely not needed anymore, but I will never part with it.

My favorite person is....I don't think I have one. I don't have a significant other, so don't have an easy answer! : )
If I were going to write my own blank it would say  what country would you most like to visit?

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