getting back in touch

by - 10:54 AM

Yesterday I surprised a high school friend at her baby shower - I hadn't seen her in six years (something ridiculous like that). I walked in and she was shocked. Excited screams and joyful tears followed.

We were super close in high school but, after she moved up to Washington and I moved down to Eugene for college, we slowly lost touch. Neither of us had money, or the time, to visit one another. After so many years of not really speaking, it becomes more awkward to get back in touch. I was too selfish in college to realize what a good thing I was losing.

Anyhow, her awesome husband and mom schemed up this brilliant idea and I'm so happy it worked without a hitch.

Never lose touch with your girlfriends. If you have, hop on the Facebook wagon and track them down for a meet-up. I promise you won't be sorry you did.

Happy Monday!

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