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This weekend I took a break from the brunch mission and decided that wine sounded more tempting.

I headed to Cooper Mountain Vineyards for a picnic lunch with a glass of wine. I chose their Harmony (a white) which paired somewhat OK with the sushi we brought along. By the way, the Trader Joes sushi isn't that stellar. You get a ton for $5.99 for a reason. 

 Another by the way: in Trader Joes, we got some nasty looks from some females because we were dressed up a little. They were in sweats. I'm sorry for dressing up and that you're jealous you didn't give a shit about what you looked like today - but don't turn nasty on ME. I gave nasty looks back.

Rant over.

There were more chickens than people at the winery, and you could tell they have been given people food before. They were darling. If that's a word you can use when describing farm animals!

Walking around the vineyard with glass in hand was fun. 

Then it was off to Street of Dreams! It was in Bull Mountain this year, and they had 5 homes to tour.

Most of the homes were gorgeous, but a couple had awful cabinetry. It was too weird to even describe.

I loved pieces of each home - so I'd prefer to do something custom. You know, if I had an extra million laying around. We also noticed that these homes had teeny backyards. Is that the new thing? Big homes with tiny yards? I love outdoor space, so that seems unfortunate. Especially if you have little ones (dogs OR kids).

They made everyone wear booties - that was a sight to see!

If you've never been, I definitely recommend checking it out. It's a fun thing to do on a sunny afternoon.

Cheers to Sunday!

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