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This week at work was a rough one. I pulled a close all-nighter Thursday night, which reminded me of my colleges days! It ended on a high note, and I decided a drink and some good food was mandatory.

A friend and I headed to Romano's Macaroni Grill for some good carbs and wine. It was very similar to The Olive Garden, but I thought the atmosphere was a lot more intimate. They start you with warm, buttery rosemary bread and olive oil. It was amazing and, in my book, surpasses Olive Garden's bread sticks. To contrast the classy were paper tablecloths you could draw on. But that was a win in our book!

The only downside to Romano's was that the food was so dang rich. It was great, and very satisfying, but I could only eat half of my shrimp rosemary parmesean dish. Which was probably a good thing, because it was 1200 calories. 

By the way, is every restaurant now listing calories next to its dishes? If I want to indulge one evening I don't need to know, thankyouverymuch!

Here's my rundown:

  • Atmosphere: Romano's
  • Bread: Romano's
  • Food: Olive Garden
  • Wine: Romano's (for presentation)

And I only have one photo. Because it was a late dinner and I was hungry!
 But look - I came home and rediscovered PhotoBooth on my computer. 

 And no, I wasn't trying to be cute. PhotoBooth ain't glamour shots, people.

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