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Fresh flowers make me one happy lady. I love spring and summer for this reason alone, when I try to buy fresh bouquets regularly. Any kind will do – tulips, daisies, roses, etc.

Easter Seals came into our office building late last week selling tulips, so of course I bought a bunch. At $5 for 10 stems, it was a steal! More importantly, it went to a great cause. They also handed out a flyer with facts about tulips…which took me by surprise. So, thought I’d share with my lovely readers. It’s always good to learn new things, yes? I bet you didn’t know these!

Did You Know?

·  Tulips may continue to grow up to 2 inches after you cut them

·  Tulips were actually first cultivated in Turkey, not in Holland as most people think. Today both Holland and Turkey have the tulip as their national flower.

·  The tulip got its name from the tillibend, the Turkish word for turban, which people thought resembled the Turkish headpiece

Easter Seals also provided some great tips for caring for your tulips. I usually just take the rubber band off and throw them in a vase.

How to Care for Tulips

·  Leave the cello wrap on your fresh cut tulips until you are ready to arrange them

·  To condition them, trim 1/3” off the ends of the stems. Place immediately into a tall container of cold water allowing them to take up water. The tulips may be limp, but should revive in two to three hours.

·  After the tulips have been conditioned, remove the cello wrap and arrange the stems in a vase of cold water

·  Do not mix tulips with other flowers until after conditioning. The sap of other flowers prevents tulips from taking up water.

·  If the flowers remain wilted, re-cut the stems

·  To ensure the longest life of your flowers, replace cold water daily and keep away from heat

We have a tulip festival in Oregon called the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest, which runs now through April 30. Cars are $10, which includes admission for all occupants. Dogs are also welcomed. There’s another one close by, up north in Washington. I’ve been to the Oregon one many years ago and I’ve been meaning to go back. Just haven’t made the time for it.

Do you keep fresh flowers around the house? Do you love tulips as much as I do?

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