weekend recap

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This weekend rocked. I mean, all weekends are awesome because I get an escape from work, but this one was filled with both friends and family. Bonus!

Friday night I had dinner at Via Delizia, an intimate Italian restaurant in The Pearl. It wasn’t too expensive, as house wine was only $5 for a giant glass. I had the cheese ravioli and it was so yummy. I would definitely order again. They are also known for its gelato – but I was too stuffed to get a scoop. Reason to go back! Afterwards, we wandered over to Olive or Twist, a little martini bar. I ordered the Marionberry Cosmo – oh yum. I ran into a coworker there, and then a high school friend at a third stop later in the evening. Portland is such a small town. For our outing, a girlfriend invited two of her friends for me to meet. They were so sweet and encouraging. I love making new friends!

Photo from Via Delizia

Saturday I went to a friend’s house for movie night, but it ended up being just the two of us, so we drank wine and played Kinect. It was with a girlfriend I got into a bit of a tiff with last weekend – I think God planned for everyone to bail out, so we could have some needed 1:1 time. It was wonderful.

Sunday was Easter, of course, my second-favorite holiday. One of my younger cousins was baptized, as well as three others. Two of them were young men, recovering drug addicts, who were visiting the church. When the pastor asked if anyone else wanted to be baptized that day, they eagerly ran to the alter.  It was so encouraging and such a blessing to witness. I loved that the pastor was so laid back and willing to baptize them on a whim. It's what it's all about, no?

My parents also got me an Easter basket – I don’t think anyone is too old for these!

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