the barrel room

by - 2:37 PM

This weekend was a bit more tumultuous that I expected – and not in a good way. I went out with a couple girlfriends for drinks at Portland City Grill, which was lovely, but then we went to a club – The Barrel Room – and it all went downhill. I’ll spare the details, as I won’t bring my friends onto my blog, but I had a very “Jersey Shore” moment. Like, I realized how sleazy clubs are, and questioned ‘why am I here at 1 AM totally and utterly miserable?’ I high-tailed it out of there and called it an early night. I won’t be back if I can help it. No guys were sleazy to me…it’s actually the GIRLS that are the issue. Ahem. Enough said.

I think I need to put up my clubbing hat. Could I be too old for these shenanigans already? Or maybe it was just the place and situation? Anyways,  not a good use of my money or time.

At least I felt cute while feeling miserable. Better than just feeling miserable. I wore my new Guess Jeans and a top I recently snagged from Nordstrom.

I highly recommend NOT going to The Barrel Room – it was outside, wet and just plain icky. No thanks.

Do you still go clubbing? How do you feel? Where is your favorite spot?

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